About Us

Calandra Project is a project based company that provides interior design and architecture consulting as well as construction services. The services that are included in the Calandra Project are design thinking, material choice and discussion, budgeting, project development and execution and installation.

Originally the Calandra Project was initiated by 4 people who share the same passion and vision. Through all of the different backgrounds that specialized in different areas, since 2019 Calandra Project aims to create more valuable space for our partners when creating, modifying, building and preparing a space adjusting to its usage. Calandra Project believes that spaces in a room can be more useful than we thought before.

Calandra Project originally based in DKI Jakarta and Semarang area. But in its journey, Calandra Project also providing its services around the area, such as Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Solo and also Jogja.